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 Green & Energy Saving Solutions

We are committed to contribute towards a sustainable future for the generations to come so that they too can enjoy nature as it truly should be enjoyed. To help our cause we also promote use of green products and green practices. We are also working towards educating the younger generation to the concept of sustainable practices in our daily life to reduce our carbon footprint, use resources efficiently, avoid wastage, reduce pollution, etc.

Our range of Energy saving products provide a great mix of high quality, proven, patented products at reasonable prices. With global warming, ozone depletion and energy conservation being the focus globally, our solutions will ensure you reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your energy costs and contribute to the “Green Mission”

Typically HVACR consumes 45%-65% of the energy demand for most buildings. Reduction in energy costs in the HVACR systems can lead to a reduction in running costs thus also providing financial incentive to invest in green solutions.

Audits, Retrofits & Hybrid solutions

Most HVACR equipment develop inefficiency over a period of time due to various factors like poor maintenance, accumulation of dust/oil, use of duplicate spares, oil fouling, physical damage, etc. This typically leads to increased - energy/TR usage, maintenance cost, repair costs, etc. It also reduces - efficiency and plant/equipment life.

We carry out Audits to check how your Air Conditioning equipments is performing to provide a tailor made roadmap to improve efficiency, cut maintenance cost and energy costs.

We also offer hybrid / retrofit solutions tailor-made for your requirements to cut energy costs.

Frigitech - Simple and easy method to improve energy efficiency

Frigitech is a Patented product and sold globally as well as in India. Frigitech is also sold under many other Brands. Frigitech has proved to be the most simple and easy method to improve energy efficiency. Prominent companies including OEM’s are using this product globally as well as in India. Even BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) has shown keen interest as to how to utilise Frigitech in various DSM programs.

Frigitech is an Energy saving Thermo conductive Refrigerant Oil Additive with Special ANTI FRICTION, ANTI OXIDATION blend,  suitable for all types of Refrigeration and Airconditioning equipments..

It is a unique product which when added into existing more than 2 years old cooling equipments, it improves cooling efficiency, reduces friction by 1500 times and helps reduce compressor run time thereby saving power. It is compatible with all types of Refrigerants and can be used in all types of compressors. 
Here is some interesting fact on cooling equipments based on ASHRAE research.
All new cooling equipments -  Window AC, Split AC, Ducted AC, Central Plants, Chillers, Cold Storages, Car AC.  Bus AC, Railway AC, Deep freezer, Water coolers, Visi Coolers, etc
They ALL lose efficiency as they age.
•    7% in the first year
•    5% in the second year
•    and 2% every year from 3rd year onwards ( As per ASHRAE reports )
Inside the Refrigerant circuit of all types of cooling equipments the lubricating Oil of the compressor also circulates and over time it gets stuck in the inside walls of the copper pipes. This Oil is non conductive and it keeps getting accumulating inside the pipes on year on year basis. This also has an impact on lubrication of compressor parts as well as normal wear and tear due to daily use. Both these effects the cooling performance and reduces the heat transfer and which in turn reflects to lesser cooling compared to power consumed.

Frigitech  with its New Space Age lubricant technology removes this Oil build up inside the copper pipes and makes a permanent layer of Frigitech  - which is thermo conductive polarized and this improves the efficiency by way of increased heat transfer COUPLED with much lower friction - thereby you are able to cool much faster and achieve the desired set temperature in shorter run time which indicates less running of compressor – resultant effect is lower power bills or KW/Ton.
The COP is increased between 30 to 40% and energy saving is recorded between 6% to 20% depending on the age of the unit and it's condition. Higher savings have also been recorded beyond 30 %.
A simple thermometer can be used to check the temp of cold air DB & WB temp or chilled water in CHILLERS before the treatment and after the treatment will prove that cooling is enhanced. For instance if your cold air outlet temperature is 10 deg C then after the treatment you will get around 8 to 8.5 deg F which is effective 17% increase in efficiency.

Along with the temperature recording we also connect a KWH meter before treatment and after treatment and show the difference in KW/ton savings. We use sophisticated tools to monitor the KW consumption.
With the help of above readings using standard calculation to work out the cooling capacity of the unit before and after the treatment. We guarantee minimum 5% savings or refund full payment.

The cost of treatment of this Space Age Lubricant Frigitech  is recovered within 12 to 24 months .The savings varies with the usage, age, condition of the system and energy cost.

Our experience on cold storage using ammonia gives 10% savings & in continuos operation industries is much faster recovery since they operate for 24 hours.
Frigitech  is a simple way to reduce Energy Cost by improving cooling performance and by reducing Friction losses.

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